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Archive for July, 2006

Digital Divide-Measures Being Taken

Posted by aoliveira on July 2, 2006

Now that we know how bad the gap is and what has caused it, we may well now ask “What is being done to bridge the gap?” or “Has any real effort been put into widely distributing technology?” Once again through the power of powerpoint I will try to inform and summarise what is being done nationally and internationally to bridge the gap known as the Digital Divide.

Measures Being Taken |To Bridge The Gap


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Digital Divide-The Factors That Cause It.

Posted by aoliveira on July 2, 2006

Earlier on we learnt about what the digital divide is and how widely spread it is . In this post I will emphasize on what causes the digital divide. Like the previous post on this topic I will give a brief summary and then it will be followed by a quick powerpoint presentation. The object of this post is to give overview of what causes the digital divide.

From the previous presentation you have probably gathered that we’re in a bad situation, but what could have led to it being this bad? Well it isn’t just one major cause that made all of this, rather it’s many small facors that contributed to one big disaster.

Here are a few of the factors:

  • • Poverty
  • • Class
  • • Gender
  • • Age

This power point presentation will concentrate on going through each of these factors and in turn explaining how it contributes to the digital divide:

Factors That Affect The Digital Divide

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Digital Divide-Just How Bad Is It?

Posted by aoliveira on July 2, 2006

One of the major areas of the Information Age Unit is in fact the digital divide.

The digital divide, what is it? Many people have heard about it but few actually know what it is, or actually even care about what it is.

The digital divide is in actual fact the gap that is forever widening between people that have access to technology and those that don’t. Although people may think that it isn’t to important, it is in fact extremely important, and the results of having this gap are extremely disastrous.

The Digital Divide is as local as in your own town or city or as international as the next continent over. Just how bad is the situation of the the digital divide? The following presentation will briefly answer that question:

The Digital Divide, How Bad Is The Situation?

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